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HIV test results conclusive

Hi doctor My last exposer with unprotected on 26th June 2018 1.Then after went to to hiv test 1&2 120th day Results negative 2.Then 143 day Elisa test negative 3. 155 day Elisa test negative 4. 163 day PCR test non reactive and rapid test also negative. 5. 250 day tridot test negative 6. 256 day rapid test came negative. Now iam facing cold prob last one week this is related hiv? Please confirm iam free from hiv?
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Duralast 30mg Overdose

Hi, I mistakenly took 2 tablets of Duralast 30mg together. Will it cause any problems? What will the effects be?
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Hiv related

I have no exposure land no cut in my body last 2 years but i have piles hemoroids problam and my hiv antibodies reactive how is possible plz find the attachment in report
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Ayurveda treatment for permanent cure in

Suffering with genital herpes, need perment cure in ayurveda, expecting sincere support here Looking for genuine service
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Small Penile Length

I have a small penile length - Flaccid of 2.5 inch and Hard On of 3 inch in length. I am very unhappy with my condition which also bring down my self esteem. Is there any way to get a permanent increase in length ? I have already tried methods like Jelqing which didn't provide any results. So is there any other methods to help me with my condition. My partner is very unsatisfied with my condition and it's effecting our relationship. Please offer suggestions which might actually work help with my condition.
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I want to know if i can concive

I am newly married and I want to know if about my fertility that I can concieve easily or not .I want to know if I can become a mother easily
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UTI and like same infection

Dear . Dr. IAM facing itching and burning prob at the time of urine passing, and regual discharge automatically IAM sharing our uti report, please consider and suggest
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Ayurvedic treatment

Can we eat eggs or chicken during the process of taking Ayurvedic medicine in winter for PE and ED treatment ?
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Hiv test.

Can you explain the difference between hiv DNA pvr and hiv rna pcr , which test should be taken immediately after exposure to hiv
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Urinary tract infections

I have been suffering from UTI from 1 year..I am taking some alopthy medicine but still there is pain while urinate.irritation and burning and I need to do Urine with pressure
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