Sexual Health


Erectile dysfunction

I have been suffering from ED since last two years.I have taken allopathy treatment.Dr recommend me for some test like tsh,total testosterone,serum prolactin,fbs.I have tested two times & both time reports are ok.At starting tadalafil gave me some result but when i left the medicine result also gone & afer that no result is gain.So please tell me what should i have do now
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Staphylococcus aureus and e. Coli

Can normal skin flora of genital area cause infection in urinary tract? My urethral discharge suggests scanty growth of staphylococcus aureus and e. Coli. And growth is insignificant. I feel pain and irritation into my urethra
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HIV related

HIV-1 antibody reactive Government hos CD4 = 327 V load = 330 IU/ML (genx diagnostic) after 9 month V Load = traget not detected (lal path lab) CD4 = 520 what is the meaning
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Transition from male to female

Hi. I m 33 years old male wanna start my transition from male to female. I came out to my family as gay and feel like i m in a wrong body. Need a consultantation and information about how do i start the procedure. I hva friend and he's already on hormones since one and half year. Initially she started her procedure with estrogen supplements and his doctor prescribed her pills called "progynova 1mg" I am actually thinking of start taking the same pills. Do i need to consult a doctor for the same? Also what kind of doctor should i see ? I mean jusg the general practitioner or any specific qualified doctor?? I need a doctor in mumbai who can help in starting my transition..pls.. Thanks.
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Hello my hiv Eclia test after 94 days of exposure is negative, hiv rna qualitative after 98 days is target not detected plus hiv 4th generation (cmia)after 98 days is also non reactive , also hiv 4th generation after 7 weeks of exposure was non reactive , should I go for any more tests? Or I need to forget about hiv? As my doctor told that It takes 1 year to get result positive , and I should do more tests, I am really confused.
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Testromone injection

Hello,As just i have mentioned about the testromone level which is found to be on the lower side.Just wanted to know about the side effects and if one injection will be enough. Attached herewith the reports.
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Hiv negative at 6months

I have tested all my std at 6 months, it turns negative Is throat pain without cold cough and fever is symptoms of hiv
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Test Results on bilirubin

What do I do if my brother's indirect bilirubin level is 0.05,direct bilirubin level is 0.10 , sgot is 22.7 and sgpt is 36.3
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Hiv testing

Hello , my hiv antibody test after 3 months of exposure is negative , before that I did hiv 4th generation at 52 days , that was also negative.but I am showing hiv symptom like white now there is chance of hiv? My doctor told to forget about hiv , but my tongue in like this from 40 days .plz reply
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Hiv viral load pcr

Can hiv viral load pcr can be used to find hiv infection after 2 months of exposure?please help.
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