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Immature breast

I haven't proper matured breast as i'm 23 years old now..    Kindly suggest me some better treatment regarding this issue..
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Scrotum USG

Sir I have done scrotum USG and reports showing "testicular microlithiasis ". What does it mean ??? And how to treat it ???
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Increase breast size

Please Suggest some exercises for breast enlargement .at the age it safe to use satavari...does it affect monthly cycle
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My left side panis skin burning.

Hello sir/mam I am 25 year old unmarried left side panis skin too burning more time and its black.. and my panis is slightly bend on left side when I touch this side is burn skin ... I am really worried about it for future life.panis Left side shaft is normal hard not too spongy then right shaft in flaccid state...also I Can't Masterbate because this skin too burn in normal touch...
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Pain in teatis

Feeling pain in teatis and left side ball is heavy Arising pain in entire left side leg and stomach also
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Vig rx plus duplicate

Hi , 1 year back I have used original for 2 months it was working well , recently I bought VigRx plus from Amazon , which I confirmed duplicate , I had used it for 1 week before I realize , , I really don't know wat medicine it is but it was working better than original , please suggest should go continue with it ? What might be problems if continue..
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I am male , 37- I am facing problems with ejeculation of white fluid. I noted the same is absolutely nil or in very less quantity (2ml). How can I increase its volume.
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Groin pain

When my panis erected I started pain in my groin area after some time and it long last around a night. Feel like motion pain and burning sensation in my panis with that.
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Std panel test

I have taken taken after 1.5 year exposure both urine and bllod complete std . All report came negative I have attached my report. In that report real time PCR herpes is negative. But in blood  test it is 0.300 and 0.500 so confused. But report are negative
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How many months to detect hiv

My exposure in march i m done hiv test in july 24th and its non rective . So i m safe i tested after a 5 th month.
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