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Erectile disfunction

My name aakash and I am suffering from erectile disfunction from last 6 month and I m not perform on bed with my partner
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Capsule advised for my husband

Hi, We are planning to extend family.. Doctor has advised my husband to take the capsule from this she had written on the prescription since last month we are not able to understand what exactly the name of the tablet is.. Request you to kindly let me know the name of the tablet and it's usage and. The dosage mentioned by the doctor on the prescription so that we can order it online due to lock down.. Pls find the attached prescription. Thank you!
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Hiv eclia test

What is the accuracy of hiv 1 and 2 eclia antibody test at 63th day after exposure done by Roche e411 analyser?
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Erectile dysfunction

I aakash suffering from E.D from last 6-7 month. And also problem of tingling in my body for many year . My vitamin b12 level good and vitamin d25 40 lipid profile normal no diabetes yet
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Urine problem

I have urine start problem and frequently urine also, slow | urine flow. i done all testers but not found any problem, left & right kidney normal. Urinary Bladder is adequately distended. Urinary Bladder wall show normal thinkness. No mass or calculus is seen. Prostate is normal in size & show normal echo texture. urine examination and culture is normal. no pyogenic organism grown after 48 hours of aerobic incubation. But i have problems of urine start urination (1-2 mins to start) (feel like some thing to stop to passing urine) and frequently urination that last 2-3 months. Medicine but not improvement flodart 0.4 for 15 days, alfoo for 5 days. homeopathy medicine for 7 days cantharis 30, nus vomica 30 - 2 time for 5 drop.but not improvement. Please Give me bestest medicine.
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Wet Dreams

When I get wet dreams from my pants it also gets on to the bedsheet so I change my sheets but what to do if the mattress
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Hiv detection

For detection of hiv, viral lode rna aftr 6 weeks how much conclusive? If result is target not detected..,
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I ve active motility only 45%

Please tell me I ve active motility 45% only.and I'm discharging very and very fast please tell me what I ll do
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Delay periods

Hi my periods is delay by 4days, want to know the reason and want can be the reason for delay in periods.
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Crabs/ Pubic lice

Hello. I think I have crabs near the genital region. I have itching in that area, which increases at night. There are lots of spots in that area, which when i removed and checked, seemed to be moving and looked like tiny spiders. My scrotum feels tight and there are white dots at the roots of hair on my scrotum (seem to be the eggs). The itching has been there for two weeks. What should I do? Please help asap!
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