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5 Tips to Make Your Child Eat Healthy Food
If the child does not eat well or is a faulty eater then he or she may not grow right ...
Healthy EatingChildhood Nutrition
Finishing Touches - What you must know to preserve that smile!
Once you have the smile you always wanted, it's important to care of it so it stays healthy and beautiful. ...
Dental care
30 Power Moves with just a Yoga Mat

Armed with just a yoga mat and some determination, here are 30 powerful fitness moves you can do without even stepping out of your room! Most of these focus on the chest and the core, while plenty act on muscles of the arms and legs.

Homeopathy Treatment for Thyroid
One of the most common disorders in modern times is the malfunction of the thyroid. The statistics show that the ...
3 Easy Tips to Improve Focus At Work

The constant availability culture has eaten up on our ability to focus. Despite endless gadgets and app at our disposal, the need to save time and focus on the task at hand is tougher than ever. Start with reducing screen time and these 3 ridiculously simple tips to improve your focus at work and overall. 

Do You Have a Bone to Pick With Arthritis ?
Inflammation of the joints, accompanied by symptoms like stiffness and excruciating pain, is called arthritis. Once called the 'old man's ...
3 must know hacks for dry, frizzy hair

Could daily household products be useful for managing dry, frizzy hair? Give yourself some mayo-therapy, as mayonnaise is extremely potent in controlling frizz. Let your scalp rejuvenate by massaging some warm coconut oil. A combination of eggs, vegetable oil, and water can turn your hair healthy and shiny.

Can I Quit Smoking?
Many smokers cease to be smokers without using any methods, sheer will power and determination seems to be enough for ...
Quick Detox Tips Post Diwali
1. Drink plenty of water: Water helps in flushing out toxins from your system, so drink at least 10 glasses ...
Eating Fat The Healthy Way
Fats and oils are the most concentrated source of energy in our food supply. Some fats are necessary in our ...
DietFatDietsTrans fat
Diet of a Child Suffering With Loose Motions
Loose motion is the second most common illness I see in my practice after throat infections. Besides the treatment of ...
Keep the Cookbooks in Check
The last things you need to organize—and this will take some time—are your recipes and cookbooks. Although I would bet ...
DietCookingDietsHealthy Eating
Basics Of First Aid
First aid can play a crucial role in saving lives and preventing disabilities. Now that accidents are so common, one ...
Everyday FitnessFirst aid
Surya Namaskar - Salutation to the Lord Sun
Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)Surya Namaskar is a combination of few Yogasana postures. This is a well balanced set of movements ...
Powerful Tips That Will Help You Prevent Breast Cancer!
We hear so much about breast cancer these days . The incidence is increasing day by day and many younger ...
Breast cancer
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