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Dental and Periodontal Problems During Pregnancy
1.Pregnancy gingivitis The effects of hormonal levels on the gingival status of pregnant women may be accompanied by increased levels of ...
PregnancyDental careDiabetes
What to do if you experience pain after getting braces...
The decision to invest in braces is an important one. In the end, it will result in a beautiful, healthy ...
Dental braces
Did you know sunblock could help prevent skin rashes?
Women's Health

Skin rashes, no matter how small, can lead to a lot of irritation and be very difficult to deal with. Be it heat rashes, eczema, or sun burns, here are a few tips to prevent and treat them. Start with keeping your body hydrated, avoiding direct sun exposure for long periods, and keeping your skin clean.  

Got Braces On? Have a Look at These Do’s and Don’ts
Now that you have got braces fixed on your teeth, it is important that you take proper care of them. ...
Oral hygiene
Is your Vitamin C supplement harming you?

While Vitamin C is an absolute must for the body, its source matters. VItamin C or ascorbic acid can be obtained naturally in abundance from amlas, oranges, lemons, sweet lime. Although synthetic ascorbic acid is just as good, athletes might be wiser restricting their intake of high amounts of antioxidants, something vitamin C is rich on. 

Why lifting heavy weights will not give you bulky muscles?
If I lift too heavy of a weight, will I get bulky muscles?Contrary to many women’s concerns, strength training using ...
ExerciseSportsEveryday FitnessWeight training
Is your rage consuming you? Try these techniques to diffuse your anger

Flying off the handle over trifles can be easy. While family members might put up with your anger management problem, friends and work colleagues will definitely not. Identify the real cause of your anger and learn these ways to control it better.

How cold weather affects joint pain?
When winter alarms triggers, the fear of winter frightens leaving people undelightful especially to the one who are already trapped ...
ArthritisAutismRheumatoid arthritisGout
Do You Look Tired All the Time?
Dark Circles or Bag under your eyes?Then, may be dermal filler treatment is all you need to make you look ...
Plastic surgerySkin CareOral surgery
5 Best Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast!
A sexy, slim and shaped belly is something most of us lust after. Unfortunately, most of us fail to find ...
Everyday FitnessWeight Loss
How to Manage Stress
MODERN LIFE IS FULL of deadlines, frustrations and demands, leading to the development of stress. But it isn’t always bad ...
AnxietyStress management
Tips to Get Healthy Skin
Causes For Skin Damage:1. Lack of hydration2. Smoking3. Sun damage4. Lack of exercise5. Bad eating habitsFeed your skin the right ...
Skin cancer
Getting Your Vitamins and Minerals on a Vegetarian Diet
Getting Your Vitamins and Minerals on a Vegetarian DietMost vegetarian athletes can meet their need for vitamins and minerals by ...
Vitamins & SupplementsVeganismVegetarian DietDiet
Obese Children on the Rise: Read Why!
Obesity is a rising concern all over the world. But now the problem has deepened as it is not only ...
ObesityChildhood obesity
Most Famous Fad Diets
Most Famous Fad DietsMany popular fad diets meet the criteria of being dramatically different. In addition to the Beverly Hills Fruit Diet,other recent ...
Fad dietsDietThe Cambridge DietFADDiets
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